On 30th January 2015 VPIphotonics hosted a GRIFFON Workshop II and an Annual Network meeting in Berlin, Germany.

The Workshop II titled "Modelling of optical passive/active integrated circuits and networks " brought together the Work Package leaders, ERs and ESRs and a few external speakers  - Dr. Sergey Mingalev and Dr Cristina Arellano, who gave talks on modelling passive integrated circuits and active devices.


Topics included:

  • Modeling passive integrated circuits and active devices Technologies Dr.Sergei Mingalev,Dr Cristina Arellano
  • Approaches to modelling of mode-locked lasers and basic aspects of their implementation Dr.Vladimir Kalashnikov/Aston 
  • Vector models of fibre Raman amplifiers Dr.Sergey Sergeyev/Aston University
  • BCH code design for coherent DQPSK systems with laser phase noise Ms.Miu Yoong Leong/Acreo AB
  • Characterization of Distributed Raman Amplification-induced Amplitude and Phase I Impairments on Unrepeated Coherent Transmission Links Dr.Xiaodan Pang / Acreo
  • Impact of Laser Frequency Noise and Carrier Recovery Techniques on 100-256 Gbps Coherent Links Mr.Miguel Iglesias Olmedo/KTH
  • Enhancement of Modulation Bandwidth and Noise in Semiconductor Lasers due to Modal Interaction Dr. Richard Schatz /KTH